POR-TB: Last participant last visit

The prevention of recurrence of tuberculosis (POR TB) trial has been completed with a total of 831 participants from six clinical trial sites in South Africa and Tanzania. This double-blind, placebo-controlled trial assessed whether the TB vaccine candidate H56:IC31 reduced the risk of recurrent TB during one-year follow-up after an uncomplicated, and successfully treated, TB episode. Furthermore, extensive genetic sequencing activities in paired sputum samples and in-depth immunologic assessment in blood samples are underway to differentiate relapses by the same bacterium from re-infections by different bacteria among recurrent TB cases, as well as to determine correlates of vaccine protection and/or TB risk. The last participant last visit took place on 20 March 2023. Trial results are expected to be available for consortium partners in October 2023, and dissemination of the main results to the public through conference presentations and publications in peer-reviewed journals is expected to take place before the first quarter of 2024.